Choosing Window Treatments For Privacy

Choosing Window Treatments For Privacy

Consumers are often faced with an endless stream of window treatment options, which can prove fairly overwhelming for many. This is especially true when someone has a quality in mind, such as privacy, though they’re not sure as to how to achieve that.

That is exactly why we have put together a few tips so that you can choose the best type of window treatment based on your budget and your privacy needs!

Finding Window Treatments Made For Privacy

The first question that you must ask is

How much privacy do you need from your window treatments?

Finding the right window treatments for privacy depends on how much natural light you would like to allow in, how close you are to your neighbors, or how much you enjoy or despise the view from your window.

If you’re looking for minimal privacy, get yourself some solar shades. These types of window treatments can reduce UV rays or glare while maintaining the view from outside your window. Drapes or sheer shades often fit into the “minimal privacy” category as well.

Choosing Window Treatments For Privacy
Choosing Window Treatments For Privacy

However, if you want a bit of privacy while still retaining the natural light from outside, we recommend getting light filtering window treatments.

These provide privacy from the outside, though they leave homes with a natural look.

Blackout roller shades are great for the utmost privacy. A high-quality pair of blackout blinds for home will completely block out any light from the outside, effectively giving you the most private indoor experience that you could imagine. Blackout window treatments also come in the form of drapes. They are made with thick, blackout materials, which are also helpful for keeping homes cool.

Different Types of Window Treatments

  • Drapes and Curtains: Drapes and curtains are excellent for those seeking out a more traditional look. The combination of a substantial rod and lush fabric helps bring out the elegance in any room. One of the best ways to use drapes or curtains for privacy is by using blackout fabric that blocks out light. These are excellent for bedrooms or home theaters.
  • Shades: Shades are simple and elegant. There are plenty of different choices out there with a wide range of styles, colors, materials, and prices. Shades are made to provide privacy when they are closed. When they are used in conjunction with cornices, curtains, or valances, they create even more privacy and control. We recommend Roman shades to those who want to bring a tailored look into their home environment. Window roller shades are great as well. They roll up at the top, providing the room with a clean, here\’s a modern look. Roller shades blend into almost any environment with ease.
  • Blinds: Blinds are slats that open close. They are made of different materials, including wood, metal, aluminum, and more. Aluminum blinds are the most inexpensive types of window treatments around, perfect for garages or laundry rooms. However, if you’re looking to add a bit of sophistication to your room, we recommend going with wood blinds or faux wood blinds.

At P-Mate, we’re all about helping you to improve your life at home. Having a space that feels all your own when you need your privacy most is extremely important. Make sure to follow our mini window treatment guide above and you’ll be well on your way to crafting a unique, private space!